V20 Ministerial Dialogue X

V20 Ministerial Dialogue X


“From Accra to Marrakech: Advancing Fit-for-Climate Financial Architecture and Development-Positive Climate Action”


April 16 2023 11am-1pm ET
In-Person in the IMF Headquarters, HQ 2,
Conference Hall 1
IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings


  • Principal forum of the V20 Group of Ministers of Finance co-hosted by the V20 and the International Monetary Fund
  • On the record high-level dialogue of V20 finance ministers chaired by the Minister for Finance of Ghana (V20 Chair) and invited partners including G7/G20; and
  • Ministerial Dialogue Communique to articulate top concerns and opportunity areas initiatives of the V20 member economies, and a call to action.


The Ministerial X aims to:

  • Launch the roadmap, under Ghana’s presidency of the Climate Vulnerable Forum and V20, to conclude at the 2023 Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank Group at Marrakech, towards an International Financial Architecture that would be “Fit-for-Climate”, delivery equally for the world’s most vulnerable economies as for the global economy
  • The V20 Ministerial X will deliberate on key aspects of transforming international financial systems to deliver on climate, with a particular focus on:
    1. Transformation of international financial institutions financing: Exploring how shifting existing flows, accessing SDRs and optimizing lending headroom can best support climate resilient futures
    2. Debt sustainability: Exploring how the Common Framework could deliver its most through more comprehensive access to climate threatened economies and by supporting development-positive climate action
    3. Global carbon finance: Exploring how to enable equitable and ambitious climate action by major and vulnerable economies alike through internationally transferred mitigation outcomes and financing
    4. G7-V20 Global Shield against Climate Risks: Exploring how this major new initiative can transform the management and integration of climate risks of all kinds to close financial protection gaps and accelerate the building of a resilient future
  • The V20 Ministerial X will also explore the linkages between these four key areas for transformation and the county-led Climate Prosperity Plans of the V20, which present economy-wide development positive climate action strategies for investment, and public and private partnerships to activate cooperation enabling their implementation

You may RSVP via email at [email protected]

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