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Nairobi, 7 September 2023 — Coming from the 2023 Africa Climate Summit, which is the first time that all 55 members states of the continent have met to focus on climate change, its impact on the continent and what needs to be done to ensure collective development positive climate action; the V20 Group of Finance Ministers is proud to align itself with the overall sentiment of the Summit as echoed in the final declaration – “Africa possesses both the potential and the ambition to be a vital component of the global solution to climate change”

Ken Ofori-Atta, the Finance Minister of Ghana and Chair of the V20 Group congratulates African Heads of States and Ministers who committed the last three days to exploring and realising new and reformed mechanisms and opportunities for concerted climate action. The Summit strongly advocated for decisive steps to translate the commitments of the global north into action on issues related to creating a fit-for-climate global financial architecture and creating a regional policy environment that enables Africa to generate prosperity for its people through dramatically increased development-positive investments whilst meeting its climate action objectives.

“We have been encouraged by the call by African leaders for accelerated reforms of the global financial architecture that is fair, inclusive and responsive to the climate financing needs of climate vulnerable countries, and we look forward to building on the achievements of the Africa Climate Summit through even greater African unity, together with other climate vulnerable countries across the world; we are inspired by the kind of leadership displayed by Kenya – confident, inclusive, and bold.”

The V20 extends its congratulations to President Ruto and the leadership of the African Union who have demonstrated what African and regional solidarity and steadfast resolve looks like.


V20 Press release, 5 September 2023:
V20 Group warns at Africa Climate Summit: World needs fit-for-climate global financial system now

About V20 Group:

Ghana is the current Chair of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) and the Vulnerable Twenty (V20) Group of Finance Ministers. The V20 Group is a dedicated cooperation initiative of economies systematically vulnerable to climate change. The CVF/V20 represents 68 countries, representing some 1.74 billion people and USD 3.8 trillion in GDP. Members of the V20 are:

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**As a UN non-member observer state.

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