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V20 Ministerial Dialogue IX Chair Closing delivered by H.E. Ken Ofori-Atta, Hon. Finance Minister of Republic of Ghana

Chair Closing delivered by H.E.  Ken Ofori-Atta, Hon. Finance Minister of Republic of Ghana


16 October 2022

H.E.  Ken Ofori-Atta, Hon. Finance Minister of Republic of Ghana

Thank you very much indeed, and thanks for the support.

So, this brings us to the end of the second Roundtable on rapid finance for climate prosperity.  So, as we come to the end of the V20 Ministerial meeting held on the margins of the 2022 and our meetings, I’ll therefore move directly to the adoption of our decisions and Communiqué.

Do we have any objections?  I know we are running out of time, and we need to do that.

But essentially, I think we capture these existential moments, as Alexia said, is a period for high ambition which we should achieve, and we should not bring paralysis as custodians of the future.  It’s incumbent to do all that we can how we crowd in the private sector to ensure the type of speed and scale that is necessary supporting the Global Shield as being led by Germany, so that we can protect the vulnerability of 30 percent of the globe as we see our current 58 countries but having only about 3 percent of the resources.  And so, the need for collaboration and change the architecture in which we all pray to end.

So, I will look to get any input into the Communiqué.  And if there are no objections then we will move on to adopt it.

Sounds great.  Sara, do I have permission to go ahead.  Thank you very much.  And so, the Communiqué is adopted.

But truly between now and Sharm El Sheikh, let us partner, let us get together and let us make Sharm El Sheikh different. 

So, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank fellow V20 members, the G7 Corporation, G20 and partners for joining us in this important meeting.  The science is clear, we do not have decades to respond, we need a rapid solution on debt, and we can only realistically achieve the objectives we’ve set for ourselves by building more partnerships, amplifying communication relating to the impact of climate change on our economies, and developing more innovative mechanisms for climate vulnerable economies to assess and are drawn adaptation financing and climate resilient investments.  The time is indeed now.  This is the moment, and we must stand up to it.  A time to invest in the most durable solutions to tackle our common challenges is now.  And to acknowledge our common humanity.

I would also like to thank, take this opportunity to thank our President of the Maldives for being here.  Your energy continues to inspire us and puts the wind in our sails.  Thank you for the time here.

So, to you all, thank you. We have enormous responsibilities, solemn, and we must put the energies to it. Thanks.