Spring 2016 Activities

World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC

29-30 March: 2nd V20 Working Group Meeting

13 April: 2nd V20 Preparatory Deputies/Senior Officials Meeting

14 April: 2nd V20 Ministerial Dialogue

Photo Caption: World Bank HQ, Washington DC; Source: Michael Foley (Flickr) Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Establishment of the V20

National Flags of the Vulnerable Twenty (V20) Group

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Founding Documents

About the V20

Our Members

The Lima Launch


A Word from the V20 Chair

“The V20 is a group of Finance Ministers from countries most vulnerable to climate change. We established this group recognizing the power and potential of finance as an integral tool in solving the climate challenges we face. Unified in our vulnerability, the economic threats and difficulties arising from climate change, and a heightened sense of urgency on the issue, we stand together on the front lines of a battle we most certainly cannot afford to lose.” Cesar Purisima, Secretary of Finance of the Philippines